Cook and dine in a Gastronomic Society

Gastronomic Societies or Cooking Societies are an important part of San Sebastian culinary traditions. They are private clubs where members meet for cooking and eating with either other members of the society or with their families and/or friends. They have kitchens, and 2 or 3 members of each group buy the food and cook for them. This places are main spots of the Basque food related culture. Access is possible only by invitation by a member.  

With San Sebastian Pintxos Tours we offer the chance to join one of our special Gastronomic Society meals. Places are strictly limited so early request is strongly advised.


Private: Only for you and your group. Only for small groups.

Chef & meal: You don't need to cook. We will cook for you a seasonal meal, with fresh products from the market. 

Cooking experience: As other society members or guests, you can either join our Chef and help him preparing the meal for your group, while learning some secrets of the Basque cuisine, or just wait for the meal to come.

Duration:  Approximately 2-3 hours

Timing: We recommend to start by 13:00h for lunch, and by 20:00 in the evening tours.

Only adults: Minimum age 18 years old.


Booking & Availability

Due to the exclusivity of this event, early booking is a must, as season places are limited. Use our Book a Private Pintxos Tour form to send your request.