Pricing and bookings

Know more about our pricing policy and how to book a date. 


We don't give a closed price for our tours. The difference of our Pintxos Tours is that we don't charge you a fixed price for all your tour as well as we don't tell you what you must eat or drink. We want you to freely chose the pintxos and drinks that you want, and therefore, you will pay for what you really eat and drink. In San Sebastian Pintxos Tours, the cost of the "pintxos crawl" varies depending on 2 factors:


A) The Guiding Service

The total cost of this service has two parts:

A1) Guide Fee: An amount depending on the number of people in the group, and the date. Paid directly to the guide.

A2) The meal of the guide. The guide will eat & drink as if they were one of your group members.  Paid at each bar of pintxos by the group.

B) What you eat & drink

In the same way as if you were on your own, at the end of eating&drinking at each bar, you will pay your consumptions. No extra costs! We may arrange a pintxos tour according to your budget, but we cannot tell you the exact cost in advance (as it will depend on what pintxos you choose to eat and drink ;) )  



The first step towards doing a Pintxos Tour with us is to check the availability of the date. Fill in the Book a Private Gourmet Pintxos Tour telling us your desired date and the number of people, and we will inform you about the availability and the guide fee.