Things you shouldn't do in a pintxos bar

These basic rules will help you not to put one's foot in it...


 1- Some bars will offer you a big dish so you can fill it with a dozen of pintxos from the bar counter. That is only for tourists. Ask the pintxos one by one and change to another bar. That is the best way to discover the real ambient of pintxos in San Sebastian.

2- Pay when leaving. Some bars ask the money when served, but that is not the local culture. There is an honest relation between the client and the barmen, which makes that the drinks and the pintxos are paid when leaving.

3- Smoking is forbbiden inside the pintxos bars in the Basque Country.

4- Throw the paper serviette to the floor. This nasty custom is much arraigated between the locals, but you don't need to be in this case as them. Most bars have bins, or you can also leave the paper on the counter or on your dish (of the hot pintxo) so the barman can take it.