Nowadays a very extended practice is that of wine pairing with some dishes. Pintxos are not an exception, so we have thought of offering you some tips to link them with a good wine.

There are several rules governing these unions, although some say that the only thing that counts is the taste of the diner. However, each type of food and preparation will fit better with one wine or another.

1º. Consider the main ingredients

A marriage is a technical part, part of sale, part of story, but above all it is personal.

To find the wine that fits perfectly, you must consider the ingredients. This is because each type of broth goes better with one food or another. So, you'll have to look at what foods make up the pintxo.

Also examine the sauce or the accompaniment of the pintxos. Often, the sauce itself is offering an idea of the type of pairing that could accompany, either by similarity, or by contrast of flavors.

2º. It affects the weight of the pintxo and of the wine?

Sure enough, it is necessary to take care so much the weight of the wine as of the own appetizer in himself. The balance is the key of a good maridaje. The weight of the pintxo will come determined by the prime matters used, his quantity of fat, the intensity of his flavours and the difficulty of digestion. Regarding the wine, his weight will come determined by the intensity of the flavour, the body and the alcoholic content.

The idea is that both weights are equal. In the case of the wines, the lightest are the young whites, gone on down the most structured whites beside the pink and, finally, would find the *tintos, that vary to his time of weight. The youngsters are lighter that a big reservation.

Do not be afraid to look for the extreme, the contrast. Some of the best pairings are by contrast of flavors. For example, a pintxo with sweet flavors, can be paired with wines with an acid touch; to a salty pintxo, offer it a sweet wine; to raw preparations, old wines; to bitter products, tannic wines. These combinations are risky but can lead to the best pairings.

Finally, and perhaps the most important, try the pairing. If you like it, you have made a good marriage. The ideal pairing is the one that satisfies you, beyond the conventions and opinions of third parties.

3º. The importance of the baking technician

If the weight of the ingredients affects, his bake does it still more. Luckily, the *pintxos, except the elaborated by the high kitchen, are not dishes of big complexity and the baking technicians of are simple. Like this, it will be necessary to differentiate a meat cooked of one to the *brasa, since the first will have a main weight. Also we will have to have care with the temperature to which serve the dish and the wine and treat to equalise them.

The good way is in the balance

The *maridaje of *pintxos and wine realises through a series of guidelines and to the protect of a big knowledge, so much of the broths as of the preparations that offer . However, with the here quoted councils will be able to choose the best wine for when you enjoy of a big *pintxo.