The championships of pintxos in Gipuzkoa have almost turned into a tradition.

The beginnings of the pintxo championships

In most cases they were created in the last decade of the 20th century or in the first of the present century. The main goal is to award the best pintxo, what challenges the creativity of the participating chefs. Winning the prize will for sure increase the popularity of their establishment.

Newspapers and journalists inform about the outcome of the championships. Pintxo fans are always happy to taste the winners, sharing their opinions with friends and social network follower.

Which function have these contests?

Even if it surprises you, it is not only to compete and win publicity, but to share. The participants will show their progress, new creations, ways of preparation. In short, these contests are an excuse to meet and share knowledge.

For the public, the competitions allow to identify which chefs and bars are at the forefront and at the same time to be witnesses of how the pintxos evolve. The winners have left behind some time ago the toothpick in their compositions, in favour of cups, ceramic spoons, wooden surfaces and the like.

How to taste awarded pintxos

In many winning bars, the award is announced to the customers so that they will continue to certify the taste and originality of the proposal to be tasted. However, not all pintxos are available. Some have been removed from the menu, either because they are seasonal, or because they were only created for the contest.

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We invite you to see the pintxos championships and the winning pintxos. You dare?