The Camino de Santiago has its way through the region of San Sebastian and the coast of Gipuzkoa in the so-called Caminos del Norte. Departing from the border town of Irún, they enter the Iberian Peninsula either along the coast or inland.

A stage of the route of Santiago in San Sebastian

The way that visits the north of Spain has like first stage the one who passes between Irún and Donostia, that crosses the mountains of Jaizkibel and Ulía, separated naturally by the harbour of Pasaia.

The way from Pasaia to San Sebastian brings the opportunity of a morning walk. The Camino begins going up to the lighthouse of La Plata (The Silver) and continues the line of cliffs. When arriving to San Sebastian, a stunning view from the hill is offered. Head to the Kursaal auditorium, cross the Urumea river and you will have arrived to the urban centre.

Gastronomic experiences in San Sebastián

Although his cultural wealth is *innegable, will not deny us that after your route what more you *apetecerá will be to eat and rest. For the first aim created the San Sebastian *pintxos *tours. These routes by the city will encourage you to know the best places to taste so typical appetizers.

Also they will help you to know how amuse the *oriundos and to know better the city that will give you hostel and receive so that passes the night. The combination of your *peregrinar to Santiago de Compostela with the Basque culture more traditional is so interesting as adapted to put in practice.

Besides, it results indispensable to leave carry by the instincts to test any type of combination of ingredients. The bars of the centre form a conglomerate of venues in which they mix the tendencies more *renovadoras with those more classical.

Like this, you will be able to eat from the classical pintxo with the *palillo of teeth to another presented of form more current . This variety is thought to like to any type of commensal. Follow the call “*senda of the elephants” does not leave to be a perfect way to finish your stage of *peregrinación before resting properly in the establishment that prefer.

San Sebastián will not take in conquering you and neither in leaving you a dregs of *recuerdos positive that well can be the necessary seed so that you return when you have the lower opportunity to stroll by his streets. If you take advantage of your return to take you that pintxo that so much liked you, or to discover new venues, better that better.

All was for converting your route of *pintxos no in a way to eat after your first day of way, but in the start of a healthy habit that will have to repeat in the future. Of you it depends to encourage you to know his more interesting characteristics and to test the delights of so *encomiable way to the discovery of the best gastronomy.