Doing a pintxos tour is an experience that every food lover will surely enjoy. Among the diverse gastronomic experiences in San Sebastián, doing a pintxos tasting stands out.

But, what has converted this appetizer into of the signs of identity of San Sebastian?

The origin of the pintxo in San Sebastian

Although it is commonly accepted that the origin of tapas is in the South of Spain, their adaptation to the Basque Country has surpassed them. It is said that it was in the decade the 30s, in the 20th century, when at the bar La Espiga, located close to La Concha beach, they began to serve little snacks pocked with a toothpick to keep all the ingredients together.

Commonly, the use of the toothpick was referred as “pincho” (spike) (pintxo using the Basque spelling) or banderilla (the spike used in bullfightings), but the latest term has also disappeared.

The owners of the establishment put their snacks behind the shop window so everyone passing by could saw them and feel appealed. Due to their success, this measure was soon copied by other bars.

Pintxos evolution

Those early pintxos have been transformed today in complex dishes prepared in miniature. Some chefs have even introduced advanced technics used even in Michelin Star awarded restaurants. Also, more a more, it is possible to find ingredients from other world regions, as well as cooking influences, being able to find blended styles. All this, makes the pintxos panorama increasingly wealthy.

Nowadays, there are few those pintxos that still keep the toothpick, as well as the chefs prepare more diverse recipes, but almost every pintxos bar will give you the chance to try those classic ones.

The culture of the pintxos

A pintxos tour in San Sebastian is a great opportunity to check why the donostiarra feels so tied to this way to take the appetizer. In fact, it is a common expression to hear <we have had a meal of pintxos>. The reason is very simple: there is such a wide variety that it is possible to hop from bar to bar.

The habit consists in taking one or two pintxos at each venue, then go to another, and so on. This will make you to follow your own route. Besides, you shouldn’t forget the big importance to pair the pintxos with local wines like txakolí or other wines and beverages.

With no doubt, you will be charmed by many of these cooking crafts after your first snack. Pay attention to seasonal fresh products to enjoy the best, and healthiest flavours.

The Pintxos Tour in San Sebastian turns into a great way to discover this highlight of the gastronomy of the city. Don’t doubt in carrying it out.