To come to San Sebastian is to go to a gastronomy theme park. We give you seven ideas to make your stay unforgettable. 

1- Going for pintxos

Leaving San Sebastian and not tasting the pintxos is unforgivable for a gourmet. The offer of bars and pintxos is extraordinary in quality and quantity. There is always a place nearby to enjoy a pintxo. Enjoy the characteristics of each area. The tradition of the Old Part; the Gros district, and its fashionable bars; the local atmosphere of the bars of the center; the pearls of other districts as in El Antiguo or Amara. 

Recommendation: find out about the trendy bars and pintxos this season, or trust your visit to pintxos tour specialists.

2- Go to a Michelin-starred restaurant

San Sebastian offers an excellent concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants, including the famous Arzak, Martín Berasategui, Akelarre, Mugariz, Kokotxa, El Mirador de Ulía, Zuberoa, Alameda, Amelia and MB Garrote. Logically, it's not suitable for all pockets, but if your passion is gastronomy, you should book a day to go to them. 

Recommendation: book in advance.

3- Order a plate of fish from the Cantabrian Sea

The sea and sea products have shaped Basque gastronomy. There are restaurants specialising in grilled fish, such as sea bream or turbot. In Orio and Getaria they are specialists. Pay attention to the season of antxoas or bonito del Cantábrico, essential. You can always find hake in green sauce and pilpil cod, and don't go without trying their kokotxas

4- Try the chop or txuleta

The meat most appreciated by the Basques, the grilled txuleta: Marked by its exterior, pink and little made in its heart, and seasoned with salt. There are masters of the chop, with special mention of the style of Tolosa. 

5- Lunch or dinner in a cider maker or sagardotegi

Cider, a traditional drink also popular for sailors. Every season, thousands of Basques come to the cider houses to taste the new cider of the year, before being bottled. A festive and culinary atmosphere that will surprise every visitor.

6- Visit a txakolindegi or txakolí cellar

Txakoli is the white wine of the region. Many "txakolindegis" or txakoli cellars are open to visitors, and in some of them you can also eat. 

7- Eating in quality restaurants

There is something wonderful in and around San Sebastian: The level of its chefs and restaurants is very high, and so there are many places to go and enjoy the food. Find out about the specialities of each site and schedule your visit.