Choosing the best restaurant in San Sebastian may seem easy, but there are a lot to choose from, and not every one may fit your expectation. Go ahead to discover our recommended restaurants in San Sebastian.

The Michelin Star Restaurants

Perhaps you have it clear: "I want to eat at a Michelin restaurant". Not much to say, the list is good, but short. You can find it here: Michelin Guide Starred Restaurants in San Sebastian


Our favourites:

Arzak 3* - The classic one. The one who showed the way to the Olympus. 

Akelarre 3* - Impressive views from the Igeldo Mt. Innovative, perfectionist. 

Kokotxa 1* - It has been a star for long time. Always good.  


The Best Restaurants That Are Not Always On "Bloggers' Lists"

It may sound strange, but many lists of restaurants are copies of others listings. We have created our own short list based on our experience. Here we go:


Ilarra restaurant. Renewed in 2022, it is the upward star of 2023 in San Sebastian. Basque cuisine, with high quality products and a touch of innovation. Located in San Sebastian but in a green evironment. Specialists in grilled fish and meat. Book in advance if you are going for lunch. Charming summer dinners on its outdoor terrace.

Zelai Txiki. Elegance & quality. They maintain their basque spirit in their kitchen, using local products. 

Cara Urola In the Old Town. Small dinning room. Season menu. Quality and tradition in each dish. .