The Guided Tour of San Sebastian is the perfect complement to a pintxos tour. It offers a tour of the main points of interest of San Sebastián.

From the bustling shopping streets, the majestic City Hall and the emblematic buildings of the Romantic area of San Sebastian, passing through the Old Town, the charming port at the foot of Mount Urgull where the fortress of Castillo de la Mota is erected, the scene of hard fighting in the Napoleonic wars.

Ascend Mount Igeldo on its funicular from the early twentieth century and see the postcard view of the city, with La Concha Bay, its beaches, Santa Clara Island and in the background, the city.

Immerse yourself in the popular La Bretxa market, where the most famous chefs who gave birth to the New Basque Cuisine find their main products.

Although we can always adapt the guided tour to your needs, here are some information that will help you to know the profile of the visit:

Private: The visit is made for you and your companions.

Guide: Native guides with whom you can also share your own experiences.

Duration: Duration 1h: 30 '.

Departure schedule: flexible.

Place of departure: To be arranged.

Option Monte Igeldo (+ 1h): Includes the climb to Mt. Igeldo, in its classic funicular, from where you can admire the best view of San Sebastian and its bay.

Bretxa Market Option (+ 1h): Tour of the main food stalls of the most traditional market in San Sebastian.

 rute san sebastian old town


The visit to the Bretxa Market and other private establishments is subject to the availability of the same, not guaranteeing entry.

San Sebastian Pintxos Tours is independent of any establishment that is visited, not taking responsibility for any hypothetical relationship that the customers of the Cultural Visit could establish with each one of them. 

The availability of guides for the cultural visit is limited, so we recommend booking in advance. Those guided tours will be preferred along with a pintxos tour.


Due to the exclusivity of this type of event, the pre-reservation is strongly recommended, since the places available are very limited.