The pintxos are elaborations, served in bars, sometimes in the form of canapé and others in a small plant, and are an expression of the kitchen in miniature. Its origin is in the Spanish tradition of tapas, for which, some food was served, accompanying the drinks.

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The origin of the pintxos is in San Sebastian (Donostia in Basque or Basque), when some bars began to create small portions of cuisine in miniature, similar to canapés, and put them on their bars so that they could be picked up by their customers. This custom evolved as many other bars began to create different types of pintxos, nothing to do now with the tapas, and offered on hot and cold skewers.

The inhabitants of San Sebastian and visitors enjoy eating pintxos and drinking, either as a pre-dinner snack or a full skewer-based meal.

The success of the Basque cuisine, and the prestigious cooking schools located in San Sebastian, has contributed to many chefs trained in these schools work and transmit their knowledge in the kitchens of the bars, making multiple creations of high quality that coexist with the most traditional skewers.