These simple basic rules will help you not to screw up in a pintxo bar.

  1. Smoking inside bars is prohibited in the Basque Country. If you cannot resist a cigarette, wait until you finish your pintxo and your drink. 
  2. Don't drop the used serviettes to the floor. This unpleasant habit is unfortunately still deeply rooted among local citizens. Most of the bars already have bins inside the establishment to throw their napkins, or you can also leave them on the same bar counter or on your plate, so that the waiter can pick it up.
  3. Do not take a big plate to fill it with pintxos. Pintxos is not a buffet! Some bars will offer you a large plate to fill it with a good handful of pintxos. Actually, this is only done with tourists. Request the pintxos one at a time. It is the best way to discover the authentic atmosphere of pintxos in San Sebastián. If the bar doesn't let you do this, go to another bar!
  4. Pay when you leave and be honest with what you have consumed. Some bars have acquired the habit of requesting payment when serving the pintxos or drink, but this form goes against the tradition of a pintxos crawl. There is a relationship of honesty between client and barman in which the client, at the end of his consumption, declares to the waiter the pintxos and drinks he has taken to make the bill and pay.