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How to behave in a pintxos bar

To live and act like a local, is a very exciting attitude traveling. If you go to a bar of pintxos & tapas for the first time, these basic rules will help you to behave like a San Sebastian "native".



1- First of all, find some room in the usually crowded tapas bars so you can stand with your company. Try to locate a place where you can leave your drink just in case you need both hands to eat your pintxo.

2- Take a look to the pintxos in the menu and the cold pintxos displayed on the bar counter, and make your choice. First think in just one or two pintxos, not more.

3- Ask the barman the hot pintxos despite there may be some on the bar counter. This will assure that the barman will heat those supossed to be eaten hot.

4- While they bring you the hot pintxos, you can take cold ones by yourself, and with your hands. If you feel more confortable, ask a small dish (don't need a big one for just one or two pintxos).

5- After eating one or two pintxos, and having their drink, most locals change to a different bar. Ask your barmen the bill, and tell them what you have eaten and drunk. That will show the barman that you know the basics of behaving like a local!

6- Be honest telling your consumptions, as most locals do (also if you don't want to feel embarrased, as many barmen are memorizing what customers are taking).

7- You can say "Eskerrik asko", "Mila esker" or "Gracias", to thank them. "Agur" or "Adiós" are the Basque and Spanish words to say good bye.