Please, read carefully our Service Conditions of our Private Pintxos Tours. This will help you to understand how we work and our services.


In the following lines, we refer as "Client" the person or group of people who hire us the Private pintxos Guided Tour.   


Private Pintxos Tours are done to private groups, regularly from 1 to 80 people. If you were more, please ask.

The guide/s will accompain you all the time and deal with the bars to ask the pintxos and drinks. They will give you an insight of the bars and the pintxos. 

We are locals. Feel free to ask anything you want about the Basque culture, history, our personal life... :)


The tour is tailored made, but we cannot guarantee to go to all the bars of your desire. We depend on the bar timings and room, their vacations and the days their close.

Just Guide Option

We may arrange a tour according to your bugdet, but the final price may vary due to the following:

  • We do not fix the prices of each pintxo and drink with the bars. We have estimations. In any case, you will pay at the bar the same price as any other customer does.
  • The guide will eat/drink as any other member of the touring group. The guide/s consumptions are payed by the Client as part of the Pintxos tour Service at each bar.  Please, take this into account when calculating your "pìntxos budget".

Food & Drinks included option

If you want a closed price, check our "Food & Drinks included" option. We are also happy to set for you in advance the number of pintxos and drinks per person if you want to change the amount proposed.

Notes for "big groups" (usually over 15)

We try to keep the group together, but in peak days, rainy days and rush hours, we might need to split the group in order to be able to enter into the bars.

We need to arrange the tour in advance so please, contact us at least 7 days before the touring date in order to make sure we can find the best options for you.