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Pintxos Experience is our scheme for big private groups.
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Pricing and bookings of private pintxos tours

Learn more about our Private Pintxos Tours pricing scheme: The Just Guide Service and the Pintxos and Drinks included option. 

Princing in Private Pintxos Tours


Just Guide Service

Our clients most preferred option: you pay us just for the guiding service, and to the bars for the food and drinks at their real price.

 Let us recommend you, take you to the pintxos bars and recommend you what we think you will enjoy most. Then, you decide, what to order. 

We want you to freely chose the pintxos and drinks that you want, and therefore, you will pay for what you really eat and drink.

The cost of a "pintxos crawl" with the "Just Guide Service" option varies depending on 2 factors:


A) The Guiding Service

The total cost of this service has two parts:

A1) Guide Fee: An amount depending on the number of people in the group, and the date. Paid directly to the guide.

A2) The meal of the guide. The guide will eat & drink as if they were one of your group members.  Paid at each bar of pintxos by the group.

B) What you eat & drink

In the same way as if you were on your own, at the end of eating&drinking at each bar, you will pay your consumptions. No extra costs! We may arrange a pintxos tour according to your budget, but we cannot tell you the exact cost in advance (as it will depend on what pintxos you choose to eat and drink ;) )  


Add Food & Drinks option (all included)

We know that sometimes you may prefer to have a closed price. We do offer a pintxos tour including the food and the drinks for all the members.

So, mark this option in your booking process if you feel more comfortable purchasing in advance the amount of pintxos and drinks for your tour.

We have prepared a set menu, where you may enjoy a great pintxos tasting in top bars.

  • 5 pintxos bars
  • 8 pintxos
  • 5 drinks (red or white wine, cider, beer, softdrinks)
  • 1 dessert

Water is also included all along the pintxos tour.

Are you afraid of finishing hungry? Don't worry, the extra food will go on us.

Price: after marking this option in the booking process, the system will so you the amount of the food and drinks for the whole group. Please, note, that a small part of it will go to pay our guide's meal.